Dear Nagano San and Okubo San,

I am very well thank you and hope that you and Mikiko san are fine there.
I assume there is no side effects of radiation leakage after Tsunami at Kumamoto or nearby areas. Is Kumamoto is more hot this year ? 
Here in Mumbai also it is very hot and humid as this year monsoon is very less in India.

Okubo San
I am thankful to you for depositing 300000 yen in our account. I will inform you when it will get credited. Also I will scan the receipt and will send you the copy of it.
When you last came to Mumbai in July 2011, I gave Haga San and Kotakuji Nakai Kindergarten receipt to Yoko San but forgot to give your receipt to you. It was in my table's drawer that time. I am sorry for it.
I am happy to know that you have visited Kranti boarding home in Mumbai. There all the girls are placed by our organisation only.

How is your grand child ? What is his / her name ?

Everyone at AAWC is fine. We have started night shelter at Kamathipura center from 1st August.
Kind regards

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